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Rollercoaster Peace

Instead of telling God how big your problems aretell your problems how big your God is.


Do everything without complaining and arguing… (Philippians 2:14) Have you ever known someone who whenever they walk into a room the lights go out? They carry a wet blanket with th...

Three Words of Freedom

Do you need a miracle in you life? Do you need one in your home? Is a relationship with someone you love slowly degenerating and facing eventual destruction and only a miracle from...

Bad Trade

Are you making bad choices?

Why do people act like they can't wait to go to Hell? Some claim that Hell is a great party with all their friends. It's not! Jesus said, "They [the angels] will throw them [all no...

Reacting oir Responding?

What do you do when the fire starts to seemingly consume you? Do you react or respond?

Heart Attack!

My doctor told me that I almost bought the farm! God is good!


Have you ever had something happen that just shook you right down to the bone, making you feel like you were hit by a ton of bricks? Perhaps you thought you would never recover? I ...

Sin Numbness

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